Cascade solution "FLOW-stop"

The cascade solution for highly efficient loading

The unique design of the individual cascades and their robust and easy-to-use construction promises fault-free and highly efficient filling. In order to prevent the filling material from forming into piles at the bottom of each cascade, the cascades are aligned slightly apart to transfer the material without allowing it to fall freely for any great distance. In addition, the angle of the cascades can also be adjusted to regulate flow speed and prevent separation.

Listenow FLOW-stop Metal Cascade
Listenow FLOW-stop Metal Cascade
Listenow FLOW-stop PU-flex Cascade Hose
Listenow FLOW-stop PU-flex Cascade Hose

Special features "FLOW-stop"

  • Separation-free and controlled filling of containers
  • Surprisingly simple and cost-effective solutions for a broad variety of tasks
  • FLOW-stop is ideally suited to a variety of applications
  • LISTENOW supplies the food industry with units constructed from pickled or glass bead blasted stainless steel or anti-abrasive plastic
  • Depending on use case, either painted or galvanised steel
  • PU-flex: Transparent and with FDA certification
  • FLOW-stop also as a feeding system